I Want to Help

Yep… another Blogger posts his first… So far my gorgeous wife has promised to read my first post. My first follower!

What is it about starting something new that brings up all that inner critic. You know, the ‘sensible’ voice:

  • There are so many blogs what’s the point of you writing your brain farts online.
  • You don’t think anyone is actually going to read this do you?!
  • What’s your plan. Do you know where this goes in five years?
  • You have no qualifications for this; what do you know that could help someone.
  • You don’t even read blogs!

Well it begins. Not because it’s the most logical first step. But, because it’s a part of ‘massive imperfect action’ required to move from where you are towards where you want to be.

I want to be helpful. I see lots of professional mummy blogs that add lots of value to women’s lives. I follow a few influential men online that keep me leaning into the wind that’s blows against progress. But, I’m a young father, and sometimes progress is just sitting down with my wife at 9pm after wrestling three kids (lovingly but patience wearing thin) and eating something before crashing into bed.

Many influencers have their Lamborghini in the background and a hyped and aggressive tone challenging me to man up or just outwork the rest with hustle and grind.

I’m up for it. But I want to become more impactful with my life AND be available for my young family and grow together.

I want people around me that encourage me and challenge me to take the next steps for me that will level up my growth, contribution and fulfillment.

Marching relentlessly towards my best self but present and appreciating everything I already have. The pursuit is not rooted in lack, but in the happiness that comes simply from pursuing.

<pause.. kid carnage. An argument about wanting to watch something “right now” pleeeeeeeaaase! resolved with a snack. Then tears 😭. Then a hug and a diversion 😉>

I’m back. See this is not what’s on my Insta feed. Life with kids is messy and rarely goes to plan. So how does one plan to grow and grow kids?!

I want to help. I want to march forward to the fullest life. I’d also like to share this with like minded people.

Persistent forward motion. Each one of us encouraged and inspired by others to move forward together… One:March.

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