Mud puddles

The boys are riding their bikes after some rain while we are away on a long-weekend holiday. We find a big gravel pad with loads of pot holes filled with water.

“Can we ride here Daddy in the puddles?”

My first reaction is no. It’s muddy and they will get that splat of mud up the middle of their back and then I’ll have to get them clean. Keep them clean, be a good Dad.

But then I remember what it’s like to be a 4 or 6 year old boy. Mud is good. Plus it’s an opportunity to answer that deep question that drives a growing boy – do I have what it takes?

“The deeper they are the more fun they are,” my six year old says.

It’s so easy to lose the spontaneous fun that children effortlessly create.

It’s raining even more now but no sign of wanting to leave.

“This is awesome. I’m getting really good at them now,” says my 4 year old.

I am so fulfilled seeing them adventure. Racing around and conquering the boundaries of what they think they can and cannot do.

Go get some mud splatter on your shirt.

I like to be sensible and want people to think I’m successful and it holds me back from trying things that might appear like I’ve failed. Like I’ve got mud on my shirt and I shouldn’t have.

What are you holding off doing for fear of making a mess. You might not know how it will turn out but one thing is for sure it’s bound to fail if you don’t ever attempt it.

Go make the phone call, enrol in the course, register the business, speak your thoughts in a meeting. Be a better version of the man/woman/leader/employee/parent you are today. But don’t just get muddy. Like my boys and the gleeful smiles, muddy shirts and soaked shoes and socks – have fun doing it.

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